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We are a highly experienced stove and fireplace installation company. We specialise in stove and fireplace installations and alterations in North Hertfordshire, as well as operating in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

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All work is carried out by HETAS registered installers with a £2m HETAS approved liability insurance and building regulations will be adhered to throughout.

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A highly experienced stove and fireplace installations company

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From the initial home visit through to the installation and final certification, the service received was excellent. Phoenix Fireplaces managed to supply us with the stove we wanted at a better price than we could get for it.

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Important Information / Points for consideration

Considerations and requirements for choosing and owning a stove.

Annual Service

All stoves require a professionally carried out sweep of the flue or chimney each year. Our team can carry this out for you during the summer months to ensure your fireplace or stove is ready to use when the first chill of autumn calls for the warmth and ambience of your fire.


The need for an annual sweep and service is to ensure your flue or chimney is not obstructed with soot, birds’ nests or blockages which will hinder free passage of dangerous gases. In addition, the annual maintenance removes creosote which could lead to chimney fires if left to build up within the chimney. You will have peace of mind and your fire will continue to run efficiently.

Maintenance and service is also available for existing fireplaces.


You will be wanting to consider the options as to which fuel suits your needs or situation best. Take into consideration that as of 2022 regulations coal will be banned but smokeless coal still viable. Wood will be required to have a moisture content not exceeding 20%.

Wood or multi fuel stove?

The choice is dependent on which types of fuel you intend to burn. If your only going to burn seasoned wood, then a wood stove is all you need. Bear in mind there are various types of fuel you can burn: wood, wood pellets, wood briquettes, smokeless coal, anthracite. If you’re going to use fuel other than just wood, you will need a multi fuel stove which will have a grate, whereas a wood burning stove does not require a grate.

Does my chimney need a liner?

It is not mandatory to use a stainless steel liner although a liner will vastly improve the performance and efficiency of your stove. An important factor is it is very difficult to know the integrity and condition of your chimney as most of it is hidden. We would have to perform a smoke test to ensure your chimney is safe to use without the installation if a liner.

Can I install a stove if I do not have a chimney or flue?

Not having a chimney won’t hold you back from having a stove installed. With the use of a twin wall flue system you can have your stove almost anywhere.

How do I know what size stove I need?

Heat output of your stove is rated in kilowatt / kw. The size of the room your stove will be installed in dictates the kilowatt / heat output requirements of your stove. We will make calculations to work out what kw stove you will need after a home survey / site visit has been completed.


Ventilation is required depending on certain factors that are governed by regulations. The kilowatt / kw rating of your stove and the age of your property are deciding factors in whether or not your stove will need a vent. For example, a new build property always requires a vent as they are tested for air leakage to ensure there is no heat loss or excessive draft.

Sourced and supplied a top quality twin wall system plus stove installation - brilliant job

Lisa Madwell

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